Pickup Real: What I Will Do

This is my blog about movies I enjoy. I’ll review them and analyze them. Expect as much. I’d like to pick apart movies and reveal the social climate in which they were made, as well as how they were made. I love films. I love watching them and studying them as well as writing about them. I love movies because they can get you into a new headspace, a new mindset. They can wrap you up in atmosphere. They can magnetize you, make you bite your fingernails down to the quick, make you rip your hair out of your scalp, as well as calm you, transport you to another place. A well-made film is an absolutely fantastic experience. I’d like to share that experience with you, whomever “you” may be. That’s what I will do.

Words by Luca Foggini. Photo by The Hufffington Post.

Cover Story: Shades of Cool

They’ve been here before, almost every night for as long as they can remember. All of the clients have cleared out of the dark red, dimly-lit rooms, the final false smiles have faded from the girls’ faces, the bead curtains have fallen still at last and their incessant reverberations have receded. The main room is full of smoke, the old threadbare couches will suffice as mates for the night. None of the girls will want to re-enter the ominous closed rooms leading down the halls from the main room, though they know that once the clients dutifully file in the next morning, they’ll have to reclaim their discarded smiles before luring the willing clients back into the rooms. Continue reading

Heart-to-Art: Art! = A Thousand Words


What is art? People will often say that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, I find that art is worth even more — art is a collection of ideas, feelings, and experiences.  Through art, I can express myself with a pencil, a brush or a pen. For example: if I’m angry, I’ll draw with harsh, dark strokes. If I’m happy, I’ll doodle butterflies and unicorns. Additionally, when I want to relive an amazing experience, I’ll draw something that reminds me of the event. Long story short, art is an amazing, therapeutic way to express myself. Continue reading

Thrifty Business: Getting Started


I remember my first visit to a thrift store. The air was musky with the scents of various fabrics and household items. There were clothes strewn all over the racks, organized only by their color. I was enticed by the unorganized mess that was a thrift store. I explored the racks, piling clothes into my welcoming arms. After that, I kept going back. I loved the hunt. It always took several trips to find something that spoke to me, but I found the search for that one endearing item in the mess of dozens exciting.  Continue reading

News Hungry: A Birthday Cake to Celebrate

Screen shot 2015-02-19 at 2.06.40 PM

Welcome to the unknown world, hidden by a censored society where the media feeds us lies and propaganda. But no worries, I’ll inform you about what goes on behind the scenes of our everyday lives. Hi! My name is Sammi and you could say that I’m a very curious person. I was born in Guangzhou, China, but moved to San Francisco, California when I was 3 years old. Growing up, my parents always used stories that were on the news to teach me about different values and morals in life. Their addiction to watching the news got instilled into me. Continue reading

The Significance Of Unimportance: Final


I don’t remember waking up for the second time. I remember staring at the ceiling of my room and noticing there was a spider there, and then there wasn’t. I remember being awake and aware and hearing the ladies in white scuttle around outside my room, and hearing David snoring lightly from the other side of the paper curtain that divided us, and hearing a quiet monotonous voice from the morning news on the little television down the hall. However, I also remember seeing the wooden ceiling of my bedroom, hearing Mother and the Father and Nanny and Ashby and Anabel and sometimes even Arminel argue and move about in the rooms above me. I remember feeling the silicone tubes that were now a part of me pump Important MedicineContinue reading