HeartPlus+: Women in Gaming (#GamerGate?)

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Hello again ladies and gentlemen! I’m here to talk to you about something you’ve probably heard about, unless you’ve been living in a pineapple under the sea. What is this you may ask? Equality in games, as well as fixing what we call “gaming journalism.” If you haven’t heard by now, then it’s the perfect time to start. Strap on your thinking caps because things are about to get slightly complicated –– but, ahoy! There are videos in this post!  I swear, you won’t have to read the entire time. Just for quite a bit of it. Continue reading

HeartPlus+ Bonus: Net Neutrality and You.

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Hey there everybody. Today I’ll be taking some time off my normal spiel to talk to you about a problem that affects life as you know it — and lots, lots more. And if you couldn’t tell how important the situation is by the italicized lots, this problem is pretty huge. You’ve probably heard it over and over the past few months — even years since the bill that practically blew up the internet — the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Now, re-imagine that bill. But instead of censorship, you have to pay for what your internet service providers choose to censor, and then some. Strap in and join me in today’s bonus post, where I walk you through the minefield that is known as truly free, and uncensored interwebs.  Continue reading

HeartPlus+ : What is a Game?

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Hello, ladies and gents. I’m here to ask you one simple question. What exactly are video games? How are they different from other games? Do you play them for sport, or just for the hell of it? You don’t play Legend of Zelda with chess pieces. You can’t really swing a sword at a deck of cards or at a monopoly board, either. However, we’re here to talk one of those two things. To be specific, I’m going to be exploring the science and methods behind video games. Hey there, my name is John, and I will be your guide through the collection of interactive moving picture simulators we commonly refer to as video games. Welcome to HeartPlus!  Continue reading