The Wave: Gettin’ Collage-y With It


Last week, the Sunset Media Wave team got cutty and creative for Campbell’s student lead activity –– making collages out of magazine clippings and images plucked from the internet that represented their personal styles. In part two of the task, members were asked to get introspective and answer the following questions in five words or less:

1. My style is…

2. Fashion means to me…

Through these D-I-Y works of art, the Wavers were able to highlight their unique, quirky, fierce and fabulous fashion senses while also expressing the importance of clothing in their lives. Continue reading

Touch Screen to Begin: Soul Guardians – Age of Midgard


Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard is a free-to-play side-scrolling fighting game by ZQGame Inc. I usually don’t play these types of games because of the amount of battery life they require, but I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try something different this time around. For the short time I’ve played this game, it’s been pretty fun. You can play with other people on your server, which can make for an interesting and unique experience with friends. If anything, this is a fantastic game for heating your phone up on a cold day. Continue reading

Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Rick Owens & Michèle Lamy


While the music business was blessed with Beyonce and Jay-Z, the fashion industry was given an equally as mighty power-couple, in the form of designer Rick Owens and eccentric entrepreneur Michele Lamy. The black-clad husband and wife team are unconventional, to say the least, but together they’ve used their incomparable sartorial talents to turn Owen’s clothing label into a game-changing creative empire within the high fashion world. Though the two met in LA, their relationship –– where the lines between business and love are admittedly, closely intertwined –– blossomed in their current home of Paris. Since then, Owen and Lamy have acted as each other’s muses, producing works of art in place of offspring.  Continue reading

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Goldfish: The Bubble Eye

bubble eye goldfish


As its name implies, the bubble eye goldfish’s eyes look like giant bubbles. Of course, its eyes are normal and they are able to see (although they are pointed upwards). The sacks under the eyes gives them this unique appearance. These fluid-filled bags actually give the fish a disadvantage when using its sense of sight, despite how big its eyes may look. Although entertaining to observe, these pouches can be a burden in several other ways, beyond the challenges to its vision.

Continue reading

Think Thrice: Frisbee Days (part 2)

razas_ppal_golden retriever_1

By the time I woke up, I was already in the crisp, sterile veterinarian office. My head still felt woozy, and the prodding hands only made it worse. The human, seemingly finished with his examination, removed the thin blue coverings from his hands to reveal the dark skin underneath. He took a look at me again, patted my head fondly, and stepped outside to talk to my humans. Their furless faces looked concerned, and the small human kept glancing at me. Maybe I’ve had too many steak bits, I thought to myself.

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The Significance Of Unimportance: Ornamental Iron


Albert  was, for much of his life, sick. It was the kind of sickness that always seemed to Albert a passing storm, a light drizzle that would move slowly and steadily over the English houses and leave a layer of harmless dampness to be found in the morning; but whenever Albert would go to his mother in the evenings, saying in his small, child’s voice and vocabulary that he felt something sharp and uncomfortable emerging in the back of his head and along the lining of his throat, a sickness. His mother’s eyes would always widen, her lips pulling into a tight, fake smile before she led him down the walnut stairs to his bedroom. Every other night, she would tuck her smooth, gentle hands into the quilts over his small body so that they clung closer to him and read aloud from one of the darkly colored nursery books that ran along a shelf in the hallway. However, on nights like those, there was something more left in her effort, like she was worried she may leave something out that was especially important in that moment. On nights like those, she would even bring in his father (who was usually too busy to come down to tell his youngest son goodnight), and sometimes his oldest sister – if she was home – who was nearly old enough to have children of her own. Continue reading