Think Thrice: Frisbee Days (part 2)

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By the time I woke up, I was already in the crisp, sterile veterinarian office. My head still felt woozy, and the prodding hands only made it worse. The human, seemingly finished with his examination, removed the thin blue coverings from his hands to reveal the dark skin underneath. He took a look at me again, patted my head fondly, and stepped outside to talk to my humans. Their furless faces looked concerned, and the small human kept glancing at me. Maybe I’ve had too many steak bits, I thought to myself.

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Think Thrice: A Rocking Chair

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It was made out of cherry wood. The many years of rocking, dragging, and kicking that it had endured were long gone, though the scratches and the indents were still clearly visible to the naked eye. Those children had become adults, some of them were probably now deceased. That small area in Baghdad had become a representation of poverty. The sole user of the chair was a woman everyone came to call Jadah, meaning “grandmother,” though her given name was Basimah –– which meant “smiling.” Continue reading

Think Thrice: Introduction

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As Charlotte the spider once said, “Salutations!” Unfortunately, I am not a spider, but a mere human who enjoys writing almost as much as Charlotte enjoys spinning webs. My names is Sophia, and I present to you my column –– Think Thrice. Living amongst its column neighbors in the Wave community, Think Thrice will bring you short fictional stories based on real-life events. By real-life events, I mean anything I see that inspires me to write a page-turning (aka scroll-worthy) story. Hopefully, through reading the musings that form within my brain, you will come to see the world through a slightly larger lens and think not twice, but thrice!

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