Oh Snap!: A Grand View

IMG_5241Towering at six hundred and sixty-six feet above sea level, many local residents call this place Turtle Hill. However it is officially known to the public as Grand View Park and is located in the Sunset district of San Francisco. It contains a 360-degree view of San Francisco and could be found between 14th and 15th avenue on Moraga Street. Continue reading

Oh Snap!: La Playa (The Beach)


Hello Everyone! My name is Justine Shek and I would like to welcome you to my column, Oh Snap! Throughout the spring, I’ll be taking various pictures around San Francisco, depicting its natural beauty through various themes: street art, reflective shots, and long exposure light photos. Even though I’m still new to photography, I hope to gain more experience and improve my skills, while showing others the beautiful lives of San Franciscans. Continue reading