The Wei 2 Play: My Favorite Game of All Time

Hey guys, Amanda here. Sorry it’s been a while! I decided to share with you guys some gameplay of my favorite game of all time, Killing Floor! It was created and officially released by Tripwire Interactive in 2009 and it is by far their best game (excluding Killing Floor 2, of course). I love their style and the smooth first-person shooter gameplay they provide, and have acquired many of my good friends playing this fantastic game! I hope you guys enjoy watching this clip as much as I did playing the game. Catch you later in the next post! Continue reading

Oh Snap!: A Grand View

IMG_5241Towering at six hundred and sixty-six feet above sea level, many local residents call this place Turtle Hill. However it is officially known to the public as Grand View Park and is located in the Sunset district of San Francisco. It contains a 360-degree view of San Francisco and could be found between 14th and 15th avenue on Moraga Street. Continue reading

Heart-to-Art: Let it Snow

2015-04-22 19.57.25-1

For most students, Spring Break signals a week of relaxation: no school, hours of sleep and junk food, but not for me. Spring Break is an opportunity for my family to head to Reno for skiing. Of course, many of my friends act surprised: “There’s still snow?” (Yes, there is.) Although the snow is not as abundant as it is during the winter, the snow is heavy enough for skiers. Continue reading

Satirical Society of Scintillating Sentences: Installment of Traffic Lights

headerTo combat the many accidents and the traffic occurring in Seahorse High School, the administration proposed installing traffic lights in the hallways due to the constant hallway traffic rage. The traffic lights will assist the students to navigate through the schools with more order. “We once had a fistfight break out because a student ran into another when he was making a right turn,” says Ms. Lucas, a teacher at Seahorse High School, “We can’t afford to have another fight occur because of hallway traffic. Hopefully, the traffic signs will reduce the hallway rage we have observed in the students.” Continue reading