Achancetodance: ”Move that Dope” by Future Choreography

Hey guys! A few weeks ago, I took a dance class that was choreographed by Dauvan Solvin.

Here’s a video of me learning the choreography of ”Move that Dope”.

Dauvan Solvin’s style of teaching is very rigorous. He was very thorough and taught the steps until people in the class understood the steps in order to do the movements to the best of their ability. His style of hip-hop dance is very different from the style that “D” teaches. His choreography has repetition, and bigger movements that involve the use of larger spaces and extended sequences. For example, I had to jump a further distance sideways and further distance forward than I was used to, as if I were going to fall on my face (which I didn’t do in the video because their was not enough room to fit the movement on the screen).

 Learning the choreography was very fun, but definitely tiring, and confusing. Tiring because the movements are large so they felt like doing cardio and confusing because I couldn’t figure out the rhythms at some points, and fun because it was a new style of hip-hop. Unfortunately, I’m the kind of person who freezes when performing on camera, so please excuse my awkward poker face and my sloppy arms, which I need to work on. I also need to work on my timing, and making my movements more snappy and sharp. But you have to give me props for starting to learn hip-hop dance about a week ago. Just kidding. I started hip-hop at around the middle of summer this year so I may not be ready for the Big Time, but nonetheless, stick with me and have some ice cream.


   /            \
|              |
/   ‘—‘–`  \
|                |
\  .–.—.-.  /

Text & Dance by Karen Lee

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